Brunel Grey Terylene Fabric Sofa

Fabric Sofa

Designed with our customers in mind, the Brunel has been crafted to perfection. With thick and supple armrests and padded high-back cushions, this gorgeous sofa suite promises a truly comfortable seating experience every single time.


4 Seater Brunel Sofa3 Seater Electric Brunel Sofa2 Seater Electric Brunel SofaSingle Seater Electric Brunel SofaBrunel Corner Sofa

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If your preference is a fabric sofa over a leather sofa, then you’ll struggle to find a more beautiful fabric sofa on the market than Brunel from Dante Furniture.

Finished in a stunning and soft charcoal grey fabric, this beautiful sofa suite packs a punch in both style and substance, acting as a wonderful addition to your home.

As if this beautiful material weren’t quite enough, the Brunel from Dante Furniture also comes with a built-in reclining option, allowing you to choose between a manual recline or an automatic power-recline. The manual recliner means you simply pull the subtly-placed lever to the side to pull out the built-in footrest, while the power recline option automatically activates the footrest as you lean back into comfort.

Of course, the Brunel Suite also includes the option of a matching footstool, which is a gorgeous decorative item that also includes a sneaky storage option, allowing you to pop your cushions or throws away neatly or store some magazines for your relaxing weekend on the sofa!

You can mix and max the Brunel shapes to create the sofa suite of your dreams, perhaps adding a 2 seater to turn your kitchen into a social space, or combining a long L-shape and a single seater for your luxurious new living room set-up. Whichever combination you choose, rest assured that when you purchase the Brunel sofa from Dante Furniture, you’re investing in a quality piece that is guaranteed to stand the test of time.

Here at Dante Furniture, we appreciate that you’d like a closer look at your sofa suite before you make a purchase, but it might not be possible for you to come and visit us at our showroom. If this is the case, then fill out the form below and one of our team will film a personalised video for you, giving you a full in-depth look at the suite of your choice without you having to move a muscle!

Dimensions Guide

Large Corner Sofa / With Mediaw300x335 or w335x300 cmd86 cmh107 cm
Small Corner sofa (Without media section)w300 x 220 or w220 x 300 cmd86 cmh107 cm
4 Seaterw290 cmd86 cmh107 cm
3 Seaterw210 cmd86 cmh107 cm
2 Seaterw165 cmd86 cmh107 cm
Armchairw104 cmd86 cmh107 cm
Footstoolw65 cmd60 cmh45 cm