Langworth Black

Leather Sofa

Sleek, timeless and classic are just 3 words to describe our effortlessly sophisticated Langworth Black sofa, available in a variety of different shapes and sizes to inject a little style into your home.


Langworth SofaLangworth SofaLangworth SofaLangworth SofaLangworth SofaLangworth SofaFootstool

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When it comes to investing in a new sofa suite, you want something that is comfortable as well as good to look at – and the Langworth Black in all of its available forms most certainly ticks both of those boxes.

The sleek black leather sofa will blend in seamlessly into any interior design scheme you’re working with, with its luxurious black shade adding a little statement piece to any room.

Whether you’re planning on adding a comfortable sofa to your kitchen, dining room or living room, our selection of Langworth Black pieces have a range of seating options and sizes to work with whichever space you’re looking to fill. Not only that, but it also comes in a handy footstool version with secret storage underneath the lid, offering another practical yet comfortable addition to your home.

As if these chic black leather sofas weren’t attractive enough on their own, each of the Langworth Black suite options comes with a reclining option, allowing you to recline your chair. Dante Furniture’s recline is available in either manual or electric depending on your personal preference, allowing you to lay back and relax either automatically or with the simple flick of a lever which is subtly located to the side.

You can create your dream interior by combining a selection of black leather suite choices. Opt for the single seater for a wonderful and luxurious solo seating experience, or an L-shaped sofa to cuddle up with loved ones after a long day. The footstool is an exceptional choice for that extra comfort – and you can even pop some cushions or throws inside it to make the most of the storage.

As with all Dante Furniture, if you can’t make it to visit us face to face, simply fill out the form below and one of our team will happily create a personalised video for you so that you can see the sofa of your choice up close and inspect it from all angles without having to leave your home.

Dimensions Guide

Large Corner Sofa / With Mediaw280 x 280 cmd87 cmh96 cm
Small Corner sofa (Without media section)200 x 280 cm or 280 x 200 cmd87 cmh96 cm
4 Seaterw280 cmd87 cmh96 cm
3 Seaterw198 cmd87 cmh96 cm
2 Seaterw150 cmd87 cmh96 cm
Armchairw102 cmd87 cmh96 cm
Footstoolw65 cmd60 cmh96 cm