Your Ultimate Guide to Bed Sizes 2023

Choosing the right bed is crucial for ensuring a restful night's sleep, but the process can sometimes feel like navigating through a maze. With so many sizes and types available, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. But worry no more! We're here to demystify the world of bed sizes for you. In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through the different bed sizes, from single to super king. We'll discuss their dimensions, ideal uses, and who they're best suited for. By understanding the nuances of each size, you'll be equipped to make an informed decision that can transform your sleeping experience. So, whether you're furnishing a new home, upgrading your current bed, or simply curious about bed sizes, this guide is for you. Let's dive right in and decode the world of bed sizes together!

The Measurements

If you're just here for the measurements, see the table below. These sizes are standard throughout the bed industry, and so will be accurate for all beds you find online, unless specified differently.

Bed SizeWidth (cm)Length (cm)
Small Double
Super King180200

What Bed Size is Best For You?

Now we know the measurements, you may be wondering what size is best for you. Take a look at what our experts recomend below:

The Single

Often the first 'grown-up' bed after transitioning from a child's cot, the single bed is a staple in many households. With standard dimensions of 90cm in width and 190cm in length, it is designed to comfortably accommodate one sleeper, making it an excellent choice for children, teenagers, or adults living alone.

Ideal uses for the single size bed include children's bedrooms, guest rooms, and smaller apartments or studio flats where space is at a premium. They can also be utilized in a shared kids' room or in dormitory-style settings where multiple beds are required in one space.

One of the primary advantages of a single bed is its space-saving feature. It offers sufficient comfort for a single sleeper without eating up too much room space. Moreover, single beds are generally more affordable and easier to move around due to their compact size.

However, the single size bed may not be the best choice for taller individuals, as their feet might hang over the edge, causing discomfort. It also might not provide ample space for those who prefer to spread out while sleeping or for co-sleeping with pets or children.


  • Space-saver
  • Affordable
  • Easy to move


  • Not ideal for taller sleepers
  • Limited space
  • Unsuitable for couples

Who is it for?

We would recommend a single bed for kids, students on a budget, or any bedroom for a single occupant where space is at a premium.

The Small Double (Queen)

Known by various names such as a three-quarter, queen, or even a 'double' in some countries, the small double size bed is a step up from the single bed in terms of space. Standard dimensions for a small double are 120cm in width and 190cm in length.

This bed size is a fantastic choice for individuals who prefer a bit more sleeping space than a single bed provides but are mindful of not taking up too much room. It's also suitable for couples who don't mind cuddling up a bit or for a single sleeper who likes to stretch out or share the bed with a pet.

Small double beds are often used in guest rooms, teenagers' rooms, or smaller master bedrooms where a full double bed might be too large. These beds also make a sensible option for studio apartments or multi-use spaces, as they offer a comfortable sleep surface without dominating the room.

However, like all bed sizes, small double beds have their drawbacks. For example, they may be too cramped for some couples, particularly those who move a lot during sleep.


  • Spacious sleeping for an individual
  • Versatile use in many different rooms
  • Can share with a pet


  • Might be cramped for couples
  • Not ideal for taller sleepers

Who is it for?

We would recommend a small double bed for individuals craving room to stretch, individuals who sleep with a pet, guestrooms, or couples who don't mind snuggling up.

The Double

Offering a noticeable increase in width, the double size bed, also commonly referred to as a full bed, stands as a popular choice for many. At 135cm in width and 190cm in length, it provides ample space for a single sleeper to move freely or for a couple to sleep comfortably.

The double bed is a great middle-ground solution for those who desire more sleeping space but do not have the room for a king-size bed. It is often used in guest rooms, teen rooms, or smaller master bedrooms. It's also a common choice for couples setting up their first home together due to its balance of comfort and space efficiency.

Despite its perks, a double bed may not be the ideal choice for everyone. While it offers more space than a small double, some couples may still find it somewhat restrictive, particularly if both partners prefer a lot of space while sleeping. Moreover, just like the single and small double, it may not be long enough for taller individuals.


  • Ample space for a single sleeper
  • Suitable for couples
  • Versatile use in many different rooms
  • Doesn't take up too much space


  • Can be a bit restrictive for couples
  • Not ideal for taller sleepers

Who is it for?

We would recommend a double bed for individuals looking for plenty of room to stretch, and couples with limited bedroom space.

The King

Stepping into the realm of larger beds, the king size bed makes a grand statement in terms of space and comfort. Measuring 150cm in width and 200cm in length, the king size bed offers ample room for two people to sleep without disturbing each other, making it a popular choice for couples.

The king size bed is a boon for couples who cherish their personal sleeping space or for families who enjoy the occasional co-sleeping arrangement with children or pets. It's also a suitable choice for taller individuals, thanks to its increased length.

These beds are ideally suited to larger bedrooms, as they take up more floor space. When considering a king size bed, it's important to ensure that your bedroom can comfortably accommodate it, leaving enough room for other furniture and easy movement around the room.

However, the size that makes king beds so comfortable can also present challenges. They can be difficult to move due to their large size, and they require larger, often more expensive bedding. They also might not be the best fit for rooms with limited space.


  • Spacious
  • Perfect for couples
  • Suitable for taller sleepers


  • Takes up more space
  • More difficult to move

Who is it for?

We would recommend  a king size bed to couples who want a little more room to stretch, taller sleepers thanks to its extra length, and families who sleep with their kids or pets in the bed.

The Super King

Taking luxury and comfort to the next level, the Super King Size bed, with its generous dimensions of 180cm in width and 200cm in length, is the ultimate in spacious sleeping. Offering an abundant sleeping area, it is the epitome of comfort for couples who cherish their personal space, for co-sleeping families, or simply for those who love the feeling of a vast, luxurious bed.

The Super King Size bed is also a good option for taller people, providing even more room to stretch out without feet dangling off the end of the bed. Its grand size can make a strong statement in a master bedroom, transforming the space into a luxurious retreat.

However, before taking the plunge and purchasing a Super King Size bed, several factors need to be considered. Its considerable size requires a spacious room. When considering a Super King, it's crucial to measure your space not only for the bed but also for the necessary clearance around it for comfortable movement and additional furniture.

Furthermore, similar to the King Size, its bedding can be more expensive due to the larger size. And, moving or transporting a Super King Size bed can pose a significant challenge due to its bulk.


  • Maximum space
  • Suitable for talller sleepers
  • Luxurious
  • Great statement piece


  • Takes up a lot of space
  • Difficult to move

Who is it for?

We would recommend a super king size bed to those who want absolute luxury, couples who need their own space to sleep, and large families who welcome children and pets alike to their beds.

Where to Find the Perfect Bed?

Understanding the nuances of bed sizes – from the compact single to the spacious super king – is essential in choosing a bed that will provide you the most comfortable and satisfying sleep. Each size offers its own set of advantages and considerations, and the ideal choice largely depends on your personal needs, lifestyle, and the space available in your room.

Choosing the right bed is a significant decision, and at Dante Furniture, we believe that everyone deserves a bed that fits them just right. That's why we offer a wide array of bespoke beds, tailored to suit your unique preferences and space requirements. We invite you to explore our collection, where you can find the perfect balance of comfort, style, and size to create your dream sleeping space.

Embarking on a journey towards better sleep starts with the right bed. So why wait? Check out Dante Furniture's collection of bespoke beds today and transform your sleep experience. Your perfect bed is just a click away!