Introducing the NEW Lawson Recliner Range!

Welcome to our latest post where we delve into the world of our newest addition - the Lawson Recliner Sofa Range. With its seamless blend of comfort, luxury, and design, this unique range brings calssic elegance into the modern era. Whether you're an interior design aficionado, a comfort seeker, or someone who appreciates the finer things in life, this introduction to our Lawson range is sure to tickle your fancy. So, sit back, relax, and allow us to guide you through a symphony of style, plush comfort, and timeless design that characterizes our stunning Lawson recliner sofa range.

What's on Offer?

The Cosy Armchair

The Lawson Power Recliner Armchair Sofa is the epitome of comfort and style. Upholstered in luxurious grey fabric with black piping, it exudes elegance. The spring support foam seat ensures optimal support and comfort. With its timeless design and full-back recline, this armchair sofa provides a cozy spot to relax. A perfect piece for your living room.

>> Check out the Lawson Power Recliner Armchair

The Intimate 2 Seater

Experience luxurious comfort with the Lawson 2 Seater Power Recliner Sofa. This timeless piece is crafted with grey fabric and black piping, plus spring support foam seating for optimum support. Enjoy a full-back recline and a built-in USB port for charging your devices. Create a living room you'll love with this elegant and modern sofa, complete with modern conveniences.

>> Check out the Lawson 2 Seater Power Recliner

The Spacious 3 Seater

The Lawson 3 Seater Power Recliner Sofa offers a luxurious blend of grey fabric and black piping. Its spring support foam seats provide superior support and comfort. Additionally, it includes a full-back recliner, a built-in USB port, a dropdown center seat table with cupholders, and a built-in LED reading light. Its timeless design makes it a perfect addition to any home.

>> Check out the Lawson 3 Seater Power Recliner

Timeless Comfort, Modern Convenience

The Lawson sofa, adorned in a sumptuous grey fabric with striking black piping, is the epitome of comfort and elegance. Its timeless design subtly merges with any interior style, making it a versatile piece that complements any home decor. More than its aesthetic appeal, it's the spring support foam seat that truly amplifies its comfort value. Offering optimum support, it gently molds to the body, allowing you to fully immerse in an effortless relaxation experience. The full-back recline and recliner feature elevate this experience, cradling your body in an embrace of unrivaled comfort. With the Lawson sofa, every moment spent is a luxurious indulgence in sheer comfort.

Beyond its comfort-focused design, the Lawson sofa is equipped with a multitude of modern features that ensure a seamless and convenient lounging experience. The built-in USB port is a thoughtful addition that accommodates your device charging needs without the hassle of moving from your cozy spot. Additionally, with the 3 seater sofa, the dropdown center seat table with cupholders brings the convenience of a mini snack or beverage station right to your fingertips. And when you need to indulge in a good read or desire a more focused light, the built-in LED reading light is just a switch away. With these features, the Lawson 3 seater sofa transforms your lounging experience into a dynamic blend of modern convenience and comfort.