A timeless classic, leather furniture has graced living rooms and hotel receptions for decades, oozing sophistication and style wherever it may be. But why do so many people opt for leather? Is there more to it than just the looks? Read on to find out the biggest benefits of buying a new leather sofa.

  1. A timeless look

The main advantage to a brand-new leather suite is that it simply looks fantastic. Leather sofas have long been a favourite in many households, and its easy to see why. The organic leather fabric allows for rich, warm colouring, giving a distinguished look and a luxurious feel. The look of leather allows it to blend in with almost any décor style, as leather usually comes in neutral, grounded tones such as brown, black, or grey.

However, leather has also maintained its top dog position by adapting alongside changing tastes. As a brighter colour palette has become more popular, many designers are opting for more colourful and flamboyant options on their leather sofas. Thanks to this variation and adaptability, you’re sure to find a leather sofa that suits your living room aesthetic.

  1. Unparalleled durability

Leather sofas are well-known for their durability and resilience, as they repel stains and tears like no fabric sofa can! With a tough finish, leather sofas make cleaning up spills easy, as they can simply be wiped away or absorbed with a towel, without any lasting impact on the colour or design.

Many fabric sofas can be prone to sagging or fading over time, but leather sofas rarely experience this problem if treated correctly. The colour is dyed directly onto the leather itself and is absorbed by the material. This means that the colour won’t fade as it is part of the sofa, as opposed to the coloured layer on top of a fabric sofa.

A well-made leather sofa can last upwards of 15-20 years if treated well, whereas many fabric sofas have a life expectancy 5-10 years shorter than that, at around 10 years.

  1. Leather gets to know you

Over its extended lifespan, a leather sofa will adapt to the way you sit, much like a memory foam mattress. The grooves and curves will become a unique feature of the sofa, improving its comfort and character, while still maintaining quality support for guests.

The strong support of leather is also one of its most sought-after features. Compared to fabric sofas, leather sofas offer sturdier, longer lasting support to make sure you’re comfortable and cosy for years after purchase.

Leather sofas also resist heat and sun damage, making sure they stay comfortable and stylish for longer.

  1. Leather breathes

As soon as you sit on a leather chair, you may be able to hear it “breathe” as the sound of rushing air hits your ears. This sound signifies the leather sofa responding to your weight and adjusting accordingly. This is what allows leather sofas to become instantly comfortable for any user. Leather also rapidly adapts to your body’s temperature, keeping you nice and warm through long winter nights.

  1. Hypoallergenic

An oft-overlooked fact about leather furniture is that it is an excellent choice for those who suffer from allergies. The smooth, resistant surface repels allergens such as dust mites, pet hair, and other general detritus that may otherwise stick to a fabric suite.

  1. Value for money

Pound for pound, leather sofas are a cost-effective choice when it comes to furniture when compared to a fabric alternative. Good quality leather furniture more than makes up for its higher cost with its superior durability and longevity and should be seen as a long-term investment for your home.

In addition to its real-world financial benefits, leather sofas also give an expensive look to a room, adding an air of sophistication and class to even an otherwise plain living space.

  1. More recliner options

Most recliners come in leather and leather alone. This means that if a recliner is what you’re after, chances are you’ll find everything you’re looking for and more if you look for it in leather.

From traditional manual recliners to smart power recliners with all the modern conveniences, a leather recliner is the ultimate in home-relaxation and style.

Where can I buy a leather sofa?

If, after reading this article, you’re convinced that you need a brand-new leather suite for your living room, you’re in luck! Here at Dante Furniture, we offer a wide rage of stylish and affordable leather sofas on finance, from corner sofas to recliners to smart sofas and more. Not sure what kind of leather sofa you’re looking for? Give our expert team a call on 01282 570700 today to discuss your options.

Andrew Dante